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Little tigers

Taekwondo for Ages 4-6

The Little Tigers Program offers a comprehensive curriculum that focuses on developing eight essential skills: concentration, teamwork, control, balance, memory, discipline, fitness, and coordination.

At USTA, we strive to make learning enjoyable and educational by promoting positive development in a stimulating and motivating environment, ensuring that children have fun while learning.


Character Development(CD)Program©

Learning taekwondo and self-defense is important, however it is just as important to learn ethical core values in our life. 

Our character development program sets us apart from others, focusing on teaching respect, integrity, perseverance and more. ​


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Taekwondo Little Tiger Class Program

Why USTA Martial Arts? 

Introduce cognitive skills: focus, teamwork, & memory

Prioritize the cultivation of ethical values through character development program

Guide students towards personal achievement & growth

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